Samossay, a QTH Foods brand specializing in gourmet samosas operating in Delhi & Gurgoan, has launched its next exciting offering.

Introducing Samossay – Frozen Original Punjabi Style Mini samosas Says Prabhjot Singh, co-founder Samossay, “We knew we had a good concept and more importantly a fantastic product in Samossay. Taking it to the frozen segment just seemed a natural extension”. So what’s different you may ask. Unlike the Samossay, which are prepared using traditional samosa dough casing, most, ready to cook frozen samosas available in the supermarket are wrapped in fillo pastry, which according to Chef Raminder Bakshi, co-founder Samossay,

“Not only do they tend to be oily once prepared, they don’t give the same taste or experience of the original Punjabi style samosa that we are all used to.”

QTH Foods’s frozen Samossay are now available in all Le Marche stores in Delhi & Gurgaon and will soon be available in Foodhall outlets in Delhi NCR.

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