From Samosa to

There were 3 friends. Actually best friends. From the day they were born, the first thing that came out of their mouth was “SAMOSA”. They loved it. Every evening, they would meet under a tree, unwrap their box and gulp on tasty, delicious aloo samosas. Time passed by and their love and capacity for samosas grew. Everyone used to get irritated with them and started calling them ‘ALOO’.

One rainy evening they decided to discuss this increasing serious issue. Their love affair with samosas was drifting apart. They had to take a call. Just then, newton’s apple fell from the tree, hit their head and dimaag ki batti jali. How about we change the aloo inside and pack it with something different. one, two, three..the fillings went up to 26 flavours. They made everyone try and everyone fell in love with samosas just like them. The final task, what to name their new recipes?

One of them said “how about SAMOSSAY”, what say?

Love it!

Our Special Products


Threesome Awesome!

New York Samchat

Every bite is filled with a surprisseeee! Spicy, chatpata aur purani dilli ki purani yaadein!

Modinagar Masal Lemonade

Take a sip of freshness and beat the heat with our refreshing Masala Lemonade

London Butter Chicken & Cheese

Samosas with a twist. Excite your tastebuds with lip smacking fillings that give the original Samosas a whole new avtaar!